Shipping policy



Motohansa offers Free Shipping to EU countries where we do not have an established dealer.

For orders outside Europe (e.g. UK etc.) or where we have a dealer shipping is charged at DHL rates.  We do not charge anything for handling or packaging your order.  Shipping costs are shown during checkout before payment is required. 

Average order processing time is 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.  Order processing times may vary during peak periods (eg. Christmas) and public holidays.




VAT or MwSt. is calculated at the current German MwSt rate.  All prices are inclusive of VAT.

No additional VAT will be charged upon delivery if you are purchasing from a country which is a current member of the EU.

NOTE: Customers from Switzerland (and other non-EU countries) will not be charged German VAT upon checkout, however you may be charged VAT by your local customs office upon delivery.  Please check with your local customs office regarding possible extra charges.